Artur Pawelko

Business development consultant

Sales Coaching - get more ROI on your time spent selling. Consistent and predictable results.

If you’re great at what you do, and have a desire to build a larger business without sacrificing your personal life, I’d like us to meet.With the right approach, it’s 100% possible to grow your sales without needing to give up your nights and weekends.As soon as we figure out how to create sales in your business, we systemize and automate as much of your sales process as possible, while growing cash flow along the way.Ultimately, to empower you to grow your business as big as you want, and live the lifestyle you truly deserve.If you would like to learn more, and explore what it would look like to work together, please contact me using the link below:


"Artur is a great complement to our company. We have shown amazing growth with his experience and ingenuity." - Kamil Czubacki, President Aum Bio Centers


“I’ve found Artur Pawelko to be consistently, emotionally invested into whatever projects he is involved with. His ability to execute projects is an inspiration to me. I like that he is a man of his word” - Cary Miller, Vice President, Food Industry News“Chicagoland’s Print and Digital Food Business Trade Magazine Since 1982”


"Artur promised me results in 90 days. Two and a half months later we closed a $250,000 deal, and a steady pipeline built up investment I've made in my business." - Thomas Echezabal, CEO 4AM


"Artur is a highly driven and motivated business leader. He has demonstrated his commitment to help expand his clients’ businesses." - Chance Pon, Director, Grane Logistics


"I've doubled my pipeline revenue from last year after working with Artur - who understands my business, and helped me achieve measurable growth in production." -Steve Solomon, CEO American Cyber


"Artur is a change agent. Anyone serious about taking their business to the next level should strongly consider working with him." - Tom DuFore, CEO Big Sky Franchise Team


"I've worked with Artur [since 2017] and Artur has proven to be an asset to any team or organization. He's trustworthy and brings positive energy, diligence, and knows how to solve challenging problems. Artur always has his hand on the pulse of clients and companies, and always knows what the right thing to do is. Of all investor relations professionals I've worked with in my career, Artur is a natural and has risen to the top of my list very quickly. If you're an entrepreneur raising capital, reach out to Artur and you won't regret it. " - Daniel Idzkowski, Managing Partner American Pillar IR


"Every entrepreneur with a commitment to succeed would benefit from his articulate, tactical, and personalized development strategy. Even if, you need a jumping off point or a long-term partner — Artur Pawelko will give you a fresh perspective on your mission. " - Mike Zima, CMO ZimaMedia


"Artur is a driven and focused connector who consistently delivers. He leverages his relationships and experience to get results and create win/win situations for his business partners and clients. He brings energy and enthusiasm to every opportunity. We recently acquired a client that will do 1M+ in revenue annually for the foreseeable future because of Artur's dogged persistence. I highly recommend working with Artur who is dedicated to, and passionate about, helping businesses grow and meet their goals. " - Lucas Payne, CEO Force Energy Group


"He does an excellent job of networking and seeing the deal through to fruition. Most importantly, he operates with transparency and integrity. I look forward to more opportunities for us together." - Mike Lucia, CEO MiaCanna

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