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live life on your terms


Hi, I'm Artur.

I believe in opportunities, and in our ability to help each other move life and business forward. My WHY is to help people create opportunities so they can live life on their own terms.

With a vision to empower people around the world to build powerful relationships that improve the quality of life for all, I help business owners in nearly every industry build bridges and positively impact more customers in the marketplace.

As a trained and experienced sales consultant, I’ve discovered common patterns among sales and marketing campaigns that grow businesses, and those that just drain resources.

I’m fascinated with how effective communication can make or break all business development efforts, and have committed my professional career to empowering business owners with opportunities that support them in growing their businesses.

Those with whom I interact with on a consistent basis, know me as risk-tolerant, goal-oriented, creative, social, and open person that values integrity, education, and results.

Last year was my most productive year yet, having created $1.25M in realized opportunities for my clients - through a combination of LinkedIn marketing campaigns and networking.

Open to connecting and reconnecting, feel free to reach out if there may be a way for me to be of support!

client testimonials

"Artur is a change agent. Anyone serious about taking their business to the next level should strongly consider working with him."
Tom D.

"We recently acquired a client that will do $1M per year for the foreseeable future because of his dogged persistence. I highly recommend working with Artur who is dedicated to and passionate about helping businesses grow."
Lucas P.

"He does an excellent job of networking and seeing the deal through to fruition. Most importantly, he operates with transparency and integrity. I look forward to more opportunities for us together."
Mike L.

"Artur is a natural and has risen to the top of my list very quickly. If you're an entrepreneur raising capital, reach out to Artur and you won't regret it."
Daniel I.

"Artur promised me results in 90 days. Two and a half months later I closed a $250,000 deal, and a steady pipeline built up investment I've made in my business."
Tommy E.

"Every entrepreneur with a commitment to succeed would benefit from his articulate, tactical, and personalized marketing strategy. Even if, you need a jumping off point or a long-term partner — Artur Pawelko will give you a fresh perspective on your mission. "
Mike Z.